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It Began with a Late Night Conversation - What's Next?  

Kids are grown. We have choices. What do we love? How do we combine those passions into a joint career pivot? Lynda has 25+ years in the wholesale and retail gift market, Michael is passionate about his beloved Corps. The category of Marine Decor and Gifts has a lot of holes we could fill - the answer was obvious.


Build a Marine Corps Home Decor and Accessory Business.

We have ideas for products - frankly, we could fill pages with the ideas we would like to execute for this business. But we have to start somewhere. We are starting with the little ones in the family - babies and dogs! I mean, if you roll with cats we might make them a thing or two as well. Next we will add some leather accessories - mainly keychains. Stick around. Come with us on this adventure. 

That conversation was more than three years ago. Since that time we have talked, plotted, designed, and planned. We have also talked to the USMC licensing office, licensees, and business coaches. It has taken a very long time to get here - a place where we are ready to get this party started.

Look for new USMC themed gifts, accessories and home decor coming your way beginning *August 15, 2021! Oh, and we cater to the civilian types too! 



*sooner if the paperwork is processed quickly! we have approval - just awaiting some paperwork to be official. 

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We want to be your go to source for Personalized Gifts, Home Decor and Accessories.