What am I doing here and is it okay????

What am I doing here and is it okay????

Has this ever happened to you? You have plans… maybe it’s meeting some old friends for dinner, coffee date with a possible new client or dinner with your partner’s boss. 

What to wear? Do you think about it? I do. I am totally a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl who throws on a jacket and calls it dressed up. But on the rare occasions that I am meeting someone new I obsess. Should I break out something new? Step out of my jeans mold and dress up? Is that necessary? Jeans. NO, dress. JEANS! No… back and forth. 

That has been the process I have been fighting here at The Gunny and His Wife too - how do I present to you, the world… do I pull on those comfy jeans and dress them up so I feel like ME and powerful… or do I find something that is so out of my comfort zone but is what I think you want to see? I am not talking about me personally, I am wearing those jeans, baby… I am talking about our brand - about our marketing. Are we dressed appropriately? Are we ready to greet you at our door? Honestly? Not really, but come on in anyway. We have decided to just invite you in and watch us grow this gift business. We have plans… and we want to meet you, talk to you, see what gifts you want in your lives. 

Let’s do that, shall we? 






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