Not Ready? Start Anyway...

Have you heard this too? It's everywhere lately. Just do it. Start where you are. Just start anyway. There is a lot of merit in this. Sometimes we are just too scared or perfection gets in the way - that may or may not be my problem!

So, okay, let's do it. Website perfect? Nope. Start anyway. Store listings up to date? Nope. Start anyway. 

Ready... set... PUBLISH! We are starting. 

What are we starting? The public adventure to bootstrap a Marine Corps themed gift business we have dreamed of for 4+ years now. We plan to license our products with the USMC. To do that we need to start with a broad range of gifts  and accessories to fund this enterprise. You will see home goods, men and women's accessories and more. We love a good monogram and hope to create many for you.

Want to know more? Hang tight with us! First up will be our ABOUT PAGE. There we will share the story of how we decided to pivot and become THE GUNNY AND HIS WIFE.

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